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High Tesla Technologies


High Tesla Technologies SA (HTT) was founded in 2012 as Clean Cooling Systems SA (CCS).

The goal was to develop magnetic refrigeration systems. This greenhouse [wpml_nbsp] gas-free technology is expected to reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration by about 30% It is mainly based on powerful magnetic circuits, magnetocaloric materials that react thermally to magnetic field variations as well as an efficient and rapid heat transfer.

Today, as a result of many years of research and development and practical experience, HTT has the ability to accurately simulate powerful magnetic circuits that operate without power consumption, heat and noise generation. These simulations allow us to significantly reduce the time and cost of developing new custom magnets and magnetic circuits. They are so accurate and stable that METAS, the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, has chosen them to certify watches of very high quality, resistant to magnetic fields of 15'000 Gauss. Our powerful magnets and sources are used in laboratories as well as in mass production lines, especially for resistance tests at high magnetic fields of 15'000 Gauss or higher.


"... for resistance tests to high magnetic fields of 15'000 Gauss or higher"