The Swiss Federal Institute For Metrology uses HTT sources to certify products like Swiss watches labeling a given magnetic resistance.

HTT Product : MCWA 15000-09T-01
15’000 Gauss, 1’200kg

The reference

  • External dimensions : l x h x d = 556mm x 530mm x 730mm
  • Dimensions of the air gap : l x h x d = 70mm x 70mm x 730mm
  • Magnetic induction in homogeneous zone : 15'000 Gauss -0% à +10%
  • Depth of the homogeneous zone : 490mm, centered
  • Security zone (below 6mT) outside the magnet : 500mm in the 3D
  • Weight : 1200 kg
  • Energy consumption : 0
  • Heat generation : 0
  • No maintenance as no moving parts, no cooling, noiseless


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